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Installing Visual Studio 2017 Made Easy

10 hours ago | The Xamarin Blog

Visual Studio has evolved quite significantly since its introduction ten years ago, from IDE features to the integration of various DevOps scenarios. With Visual Studio 2017, even the installation experience has changed; developers can now select the components that they wish to download and install, as well as install various releases of Visual Studio side-by-side. […] The post Installing Visual Studio 2017 Made Easy appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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ReactiveUI Tutorial for Xamarin: The ViewModel

18 hours ago | Jan Tourlamain

Introduction The documentation about ReactiveUI is getting better, but sometimes another point of view can make the click in your head. It took me a while before I could get my head around ReactiveUI. One of the reasons was that I couldn’t find my way in the framework. I

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Xamarin.Forms 教學系列文(十九.參 - 2)TableView - Section 隱藏 & Menu

2 days ago | Logan Edge

學習目標整段 Section 隱藏和顯示的方法 Table 也可以當作 Menu 使用!接續前一小節,我們有個簡單的功能還未完成,就是開啟 Programmer switch 開關時,才能去點選 Language 和 Platform 這兩個屬性,反之則不能點選。要完成這個功能,我們要藉由 TableView 本身能放置多組的 TableSection 的特性,並直接隱藏或顯示整組 TableSection然而...隱藏 TableSection 這件事 無法用 XAML 處理,需借助 C# 才能完成...接續上一小節的範例,但我們將 Language 和 Platform 這兩個 PickerCell,移放到一個新的 TableSection 內:ConditionalSection<ContentPage xmlns="" xmlns:x="http://schemas.

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Build your first connected Xamarin mobile app using MvvmCross 5.0

2 days ago | Xablu

Discover how Xamarin and MvvmCross can help you build your next generation connected apps! Join us for our next meetup in Amsterdam, aimed at mobile developers from rookie to MVP who want to learn how to create Azure-connected apps using Xamarin and MvvmCross. We’ll start with an update on MvvmCross 5.0, followed by a hackathon where you can get hands-on ... Read More The post Build your first connected Xamarin mobile app using MvvmCross 5.

Snack Pack 16: Customizing Visual Studio for Mac

2 days ago | James Montemagno

Welcome to The Xamarin Show Snack Pack Edition. A Snack Pack is bite sized episode that is focused on a specific topic and covered in just a few minutes. Today, we take a look at look at how to customize Visual Studio for Mac in several different ways.Show Links:Get Visual Studio for MacFind James on: Twitter, GitHub, Blog, and his weekly development podcast Merge Conflict.

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Prism 7.0 for Xamarin Forms Sneak Peek

2 days ago | Dan Siegel

Prism 7.0 Sneak Peek If you're a Xamarin developer, chances are you've been through a struggle or two with NetStandard. NetStandard offers a lot of advantages, but support has been slow going in many cases. Xamarin Forms only recently began shipping NetStandard. Prism users have been asking for a while now to have NetStandard support. Obviously for WPF users NetStandard really doesn't offer any advantages, and for UWP it just creates a few headaches, but that hasn't stopped requests for the Core to support NetStandard or for Prism Forms to be converted.

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Xamarin.Forms 教學系列文(十九.參 - 1)TableView

2 days ago | Logan Edge

學習目標TableView 的屬性和寫法客製化 Cell此章介紹 Xamarin.Forms 最後一個 Collection Views - TableViewTableView 通常拿來顯示 不同類型 的項目,而項目就是類別下的各屬性。換個方式說,每個項目就是由屬性所呈現出來的 CellTableView 僅有四個屬性:Intent - type of TableIntentRoot - type of TableRootRowHeight - type of intHasUnevenRows - type of boolIntent 屬性可以設定為 (也可不設定) 底下四個值,表示此 TableView 的用途是什麼:Data - 用於顯示資料時Form - 用於需要輸入資料時Settings - 與 Form 很像,但通常會有預設值Menu - 通常用於點選項目來觸發動作Root 屬性對應的 XAML 為 TableRoot,底下會包一個或多個 TableSection,而 TableSection 底下會包一個或多個 Cell: <TableView Intent="Settings"> <TableRoot> <TableSection Title="Ring"> <SwitchCell Text="New Voice Mail" /> <SwitchCell Text="New Mail" On="true" /> </TableSection> </TableRoot></TableView>但其實啊.

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Guitar Center’s Five-Star Xamarin.Forms Apps Bring Music to the Masses

2 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

The best brands, and the most popular apps, deliver personalized experiences that help us accomplish exactly what we want to do, when we want to do it. Developers need to create contextual, relevant mobile apps and make it easy for users to transition across device types and platforms, from phones to tablets and web to […] The post Guitar Center’s Five-Star Xamarin.Forms Apps Bring Music to the Masses appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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The Xamarin.Forms Messaging Center Messed With Me

2 days ago | Matthew Soucoup

Find out the "right" way to use the Messaging Center with Xamarin.Forms

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InTheHand.Forms Updates

2 days ago | Peter Foot

I’ve updated the InTheHand.Forms NuGet package with a few new features:- .NET Standard support. Stretch property to define how to handle cropping/zooming of the video to fit the MediaElement size. NaturalVideoWidth and NaturalVideoHeight allow you to adjust your UI based on the actual aspect ratio of a video file at runtime. Removed obsolete OnPlatform2 as… Continue reading InTheHand.F

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I am Hiring A Xamarin Developer: Make Apps Great Again!

3 days ago | Thomas Bandt

I am looking for our next team member who will work with us on a large cross-platform app for both iOS and Android. Location: Munich, working 100% remote is possible. Interested? Read on.

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Introducing MFractor for Visual Studio for Mac

3 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

This is a special guest post from Matthew Robbins at MFractor. You can find him on Twitter at @matthewrdev. Let’s say you’re a Xamarin.Forms developer and you’re starting out on a brand new app: a single screen, T-shirt ordering app. You’ve got the specs, the backend is mostly done, and all that’s left is for […] The post Introducing MFractor for Visual Studio for Mac appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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Merge Conflict 54: Dropping in on the iPad

3 days ago | Merge Conflict

iOS 11 is packed full of awesome with machine learning, augmented reality, and a full file system, but who cares about that? Let's talk about our new favorite feature: Drag & Drop! This week we dive into why drag and drop matters, how it is implemented, and what you will get for free out of the box when you simply recompile your app! We also dive into several other iOS 11 goodies. Follow Us Fr

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Prism Quickstart Templates

4 days ago | Dan Siegel

Quickstart Templates for Prism Forms So you had this great idea for an app... maybe you spent weeks planning with your team or with your client. The day finally comes to create the project. Suddenly you realize that we have this new .NET Standard thing and you want to take advantage of that too. You remember you need icons, you want a Splash Screen... all of the things that go into making an App.

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Exrin Inspector Preview

5 days ago | Adam Pedley

The Exrin Inspector is a way to inspect your Exrin application, by being able to track its visual state over time. More than just the Visual State will tracked in the future, but we all need to start somewhere. The Exrin Inspector can only be run on a Windows PC at the moment. Mac support […] The post Exrin Inspector Preview appeared first on Xamarin Help.

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Exrin 2.0.0 Quick Start

5 days ago | Adam Pedley

With the first release of Exrin 2.0.0, it is now easier to build Exrin apps, while still gaining all the benefits. Exrin 2.0.0 is backward compatible with 1.x. I will now go through how to create an Exrin app, in the quickest way possible. A pre-built sample QuickStart app is available on Github, if you […] The post Exrin 2.0.0 Quick Start appeared first on Xamarin Help.

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Xamarin.Control – Xamarin.Forms MaterialEntry

6 days ago | Alex Dunn

Back by popular demand, bringing more Material Design controls to you Xamarin.Forms app! This time we will look at implementing the standards in Material Design’s text fields by building a MaterialEntry control. You can find the source code and example app here: but you can build your own by following this post. Let’s build … Continue reading Xamarin.

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Crash Reporting and Analytics for Xamarin

6 days ago | Steven Thewissen

Knowing what your app is doing after you’ve released it into the wild is very important. When it comes to Xamarin there are several products that offer functionality such as crash reporting and analytics.. So what should you be using these days? What used to be For a while Xamarin offered their own solution called...Read more The post Crash Reporting and Analytics for Xamarin appeared first on Thewissen.

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Dynamically Changing Xamarin.Forms Tab Icons When Selected

6 days ago | James Montemagno

Spicing up your Xamarin.Forms tab can easily be done in a few ways. You can add tint color in...

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Prism in Xamarin Forms Step by Step (Part. 1)

7 days ago | Charlin Agramonte

In this article, I will explain to you in a very simple way what Prism is, how to use it, and what you can do with it. This article will include: An overview of what Prism is How to set up How to connect Views with ViewModels How to navigate and different types of navigation […]

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MFractor 3.1 for Visual Studio Mac out now 🎉

7 days ago | MFractor

It's that time again! A brand new version of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac is out! Tom and I are incredibly excited to announce the release of version 3.1 of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac. So, what's in 3.1? Product Tier Updates As part of the 3.1 release cycle, we've decided to re-brand our product tiers to better reflect the value differences between our free and paid tiers. Our free tier is now MFractor Lite and our paid tier, formally known as Premium is now MFractor Professional.

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Turning Events into Commands

7 days ago | Matthew Leibowitz

Have you ever used some control in Xamarin.Forms that appears to have an event instead of a command? You are working the MVVM love and then you come across that annoying control. Almost all the Xamarin.Forms controls have both events and commands, enabling choice, but you do get those non-conforming ones...

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Xamarin – Build on iOS from Windows Command Prompt/MSBuild

7 days ago | Martyn Wiggins

A quick post to describe how to build a Xamarin iOS project from MSBuild on a Windows machine. You still need a mac available but this approach means you can create an iOS artefact from a Windows TFS build agent. On the command line run: When this is running keep an eye on the mac […]

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Gone Mobile 53: Xamarin.Forms Update with David Ortinau

7 days ago | Gone Mobile

On this state of the Xamarin.Forms union, we are joined by long time Xamarin community member and now PM of the Xamarin.Forms team, David Ortinau. We discuss Xamarin.Forms becoming open source, XAML Standard, Forms Embedding (and Embedded Forms), Fast Renderers, and what’s next for Xamarin.Forms. Host: Greg Shackles, Jon Dick Guests: David Ortinau Links: Xamarin.Forms Open Source Embedding Xamarin.

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Xamarin.Basics – Ad Hoc iOS Builds, Part 2a: Publishing in HockeyApp

7 days ago | Alex Dunn

Before Getting Started Before learning how to upload your iOS builds to HockeyApp, be sure to check out Part 1 of this series: Xamarin.Basics – Ad Hoc iOS Builds, Part1: Certificates and Profiles to learn about the requirements for producing Ad Hoc builds that will be distributed in HockeyApp. Quick Intro Up to this point, … Continue reading Xamarin.Basics – Ad Hoc iOS Builds, Pa

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Xamarin.Forms 教學系列文(十九.貳 - 4)ListView - 長按選單 (Context Menu) & 資料刷新

7 days ago | Logan Edge

學習目標Context Menu - 長按或滑動出現的選單IsPullToRefresh - 向下滑動時刷新資料終於來到 ListView 最終章... 本章節將補完 ListVeiw 兩個常用的功能,一個是長按選單,另一個是下滑刷新資料。長按選單 (Context Menu)針對 Cell 長按或滑動時,會出現更多功能的功能選單 (有點饒舌)等等的範例會加入長按選單,而選單內的功能,是延續 上一章節 Student 類別定義的四個 Command:Reset GPAMove to TopMove to BottomRemoveXAML 寫法上,你必須將 MenuItem 加入至 ContextActions 集合內,而 MenuItem 定義了五個屬性可以更改:Text (type string)Icon (type FileImageSource)IsDestructive (type bool)Command (type ICommand)CommandParameter (type object)當然也定義了基本的 Clicked 事件可以呼叫。直接來看 XAML 如何寫: <ContentPage xmlns="http://xamarin.

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開啟舊的專案並且重新建置,得到錯誤訊息:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added

7 days ago | Vulcan Lee

今天,將一個月前的專案開啟,並且進行重新建置,想要看看執行結果,不過,卻得到底下的錯誤訊息:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added : Landroid/support/v4/accessibilityservice/AccessibilityServiceInfoCompat;我非常確定在最後一次開啟那個專案的時候,確實是可以建置、除錯與執行的。我現在的 Visual Studio 2017 已經更新到最新版本,而底下是我的 Visual Studio 2017 的版本資訊:Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 版本 15.2 (26430.15)Xamarin SDK and Xamarion.Mac SDK 10.10.

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Urban Refuge’s Refugee Aid Mobile Apps Turn Research into Action

8 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

Started by a group of Boston University students 2015, Urban Refuge uses technology to improve both urban refugees’ experience and humanitarian organizations’ ability to coordinate resources, making aid available via a centralized, easy-to-access database. Urban Refuge’s research found that simply making options available on a map on refugees’ personal devices dramatically increased the odds refugees would find and accept vital assistance.

Loading – Xamarin.Forms

8 days ago | Juliano Custódio

Algumas vezes é necessário indicar para o usuário que o aplicativo está realizando alguma atividade, ou mesmo para que ele não pense que o app travou. Um exemplo bastante comum é quando necessita ser realizada uma requisição ao servidor e a internet do usuário está um pouco lenta, enquanto a requisição não termina, é preciso […]

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Android – Comparing Models in Kotlin, Java, and C# for Xamarin

8 days ago | Alex Dunn

Models are an obvious important part of our applications we develop. It’s how we define our data and because of that, we can grow our models to be quite large in number. This post will look at comparing the definition of models between Java, C# (for Xamarin), and Kotlin. Our example model will be a … Continue reading Android – Comparing Models in Kotlin, Java, and C# for Xam

Episode 26: Monetizing Mobile Apps with Ads

8 days ago | James Montemagno

This week, we take a look at how to monetize your mobile applications. Specifically we will see how to add mobile ads into your existing iOS, Android, and UWP applications. I walk through how to ad a Google Admob add to a Xamarin.Android application and how to create a custom renderer for Xamarin.Forms in just a few minutes. Show Links:NuGet: Google Play services Ads SDK for AndroidNuGet: Firebase Admob for iOSSDK for Microsoft AdvertisingBlog: Integrating Admob into Xamarin.

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Xamarin forms Tabbed page – UWP with images

8 days ago | Glenn Versweyveld

When developing cross platform apps with Xamarin forms, you’ll notice that your apps will look and feel right at home on each OS. This because the nice people of Xamarin render each Xamarin forms control as a native control with… Continue Reading →

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Como customizar cor do UINavigationBar e UIAlertController no Xamarin.iOS

9 days ago | Ione Souza Junior

Fala galera, beleza? Já faz um tempo que queria escrever aqui no blog. Felizmente, hoje tive a oportunidade de compartilhar com vocês mais uma coisa que aprendi nos últimos dias. Este post fala sobre como customizar os estilos de alguns … Continuar lendo →

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Android.Kotlin – Create a TabLayout

9 days ago | Alex Dunn

We’ll once again take a break from the cross-platform Xamarin content and look at an example of using the latest Kotlin language from Jetbrains with our native Android applications. In this post, we’ll look at an implementation of a TabLayout with a ViewPager using Kotlin! I also apologize for the lack of useful highlighting of … Continue reading Android.Kotlin – Create a&#

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UIStackView magic

9 days ago | Diego Ponce de León

This component is one of the things that should´ve been there for ages, as it facilitates layout design considerably. In every UI environment there is a basic need to stack elements horizontally or vertically, having them rearranged when any element is added or removed. This takes a second in other platforms however iOS auto-layout is some times a painful process for pretty simple tasks. What´s wrong with the good old, super awesome AutoLayout? Consider the following layout (“–” represents padding): |--view1--view2--view3--| Doing this silly layout the “old” way involves lots of constraints, for instance: align the views vertically (2 or 3 constraints) set leading and trailing of each view (3 to 4 constraints) set with and height of each view (6 constraints or maybe 3 if they provide instrinsic height) Next week your boss comes to tell you that view2 is no longer needed, so you have to: delete view2 manually rearrange view3 to get the place where view2 was placed, fixing all the wrong constraints Then, a great designer in your team tells you by slack that paddings are too small.

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Mastering the Android Support Libraries

9 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

Android Support Libraries are an essential part to every Android application and you’ll find them absolutely everywhere. The Support Libraries offer developers the ability to add the latest and greatest features of Android to their application, while maintaining backwards compatibility with older versions of Android. As new versions of the Android SDK continue to roll […] The post Mastering the Android Support Libraries appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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C# Developers: Stop Calling .Result

9 days ago | James Montemagno

I love async/await Task based programming! I talk about it in all my demos, it is in all my...

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Xamarin.Forms 教學系列文(十九.貳 - 3)ListView - Interactivity & MVVM

9 days ago | Logan Edge

學習目標ListView 在 MVVM 的實際使用與 ListView 的互動方式有好幾種~如果用戶點擊一個項目,ListView 會觸發一個 ItemTapped 事件,如果該項目以前沒有被選擇,也會是 ItemSelected 事件,還能針對 SelectedItem 屬性做 data binding。ListView 還有一個 ScrollTo 方法,它允許程式捲動到 ListView 指定的項目。互動的範例可於原文書 p.571 看,本章節重點放在 MVVM 的範例~本章程式相當長... 請耐心服用...ListView in MVVM 底下帶來的範例是一個比較像是生活上會遇到的案例,架構較複雜一點,但聽我細細解說...功能很單純,取得學生們的資料後顯示於 ListView 上,先來看結果長怎樣:此範例使用 XML 當作 Model,內存 65 位學生的資料,架構如下:<StudentBody xmlns:xsi=http://www.

Mobile Cross Platform Image manipulation with Xamarin (Android / iOS / Windows UWP)

10 days ago

There are some common image functions I tend to need a lot with mobile apps. These are: Resizing images – usually with a specific size in mindKnowing what size and existing image isConverting an image between png and jpeg formatsI recently particularly needed these kinds of functions for including images in pdf documents (more on cross platform pdf generation here) All the source code for the above can be found here, and the nuget package is available here.

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Podcast: App Monetization, .NET Standard, Azure Cosmos DB, and more!

10 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

In this episode of the Xamarin Podcast, James and I fill you in on the latest Xamarin news, including how to integrate ads and in-app purchases into your mobile apps, migrating to .NET Standard, planet-scale apps with Cosmos DB, and more! Be sure to download today’s episode from your favorite podcasting app. Subscribe or Download […] The post Podcast: App Monetization, .NET Standard, Azure Cosmos DB, and more! appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

Episode 43: App Monetization, .NET Standard, Azure Cosmos DB, and more!

10 days ago

In this episode of the Xamarin Podcast, James and Pierce fill you in on the latest Xamarin news, including how to integrate ads and in-app purchases into your mobile apps, migrating to .NET Standard, planet-scale apps with Cosmos DB, and more! 4:00 - Cool apps built with Xamarin recently 7:30 - Azure Cosmos DB 14:30 - App monetization with ads + in-app purchases in Xamarin apps 20:30 - Last Xamarin Dev Days dates + locations for this year announced 23:00 - Migrating your Xamarin.

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XAML Markup Extensions

10 days ago | Matthew Soucoup

Tutorial on how to use Markup Extensions and IMarkupExtension within Xamarin.Forms XAML to run code before setting property values in XAML.

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Merge Conflict 53: Document All The Things

10 days ago | Merge Conflict

It has been said that if feature has not been documented, than it might as well not exist. It could not be more true from our findings and this week we finally take a look at all things documentation! We also get to your listener feedback and debate the future of progressive web apps, async/await, and a whole lot more. In addition to all of this AWESOME it has been officially been 1 full year of M

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Difference between Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin Traditional

11 days ago | Almir Vuk

A few days ago I was on Stackoverflow I was looking at some Xamarin related question, and I find this thread: And I was not satisfied by the answers from community so I just sat down and start typing the my version of answer. When I realized that my answer is a bit longer I decided to "migrate" that text also to my blog post.

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[Tips and Tricks] Librería para reutilizar estilos entre diferentes Apps Xamarin.Forms

12 days ago | Javier Suarez

Introducción En toda aplicación móvil la apariencia visual es vital. Cada vez es mayor el esfuerzo depositado a la hora de crear aplicaciones atractivas a la par que intuitivas y en muchos casos conseguir una imagen única que diferencia a la Aplicación del resto es prioritario. Por este motivo, debemos de contar con opciones sencillas … Sigue leyendo →

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Things I Think Are Cool: Behaviors Library

13 days ago | Matthew Soucoup

Things I Think Are Cool is a blog series where I talk about things I have found interesting and helpful. They can be time savers, productivity tools, podcasts, books, products, or even people. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an Event to Command Behavior developed by David Britch

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Getting fancy with UIView anchors and state changes

14 days ago | Diego Ponce de León

If you prefer coded user-interfaces rather than designers (Xcode Interface Builder or Xamarin designers) you will surely like this API (available from iOS9+). It´s very readable, easy to maintain and feels more natural compared to the old one. Every UIView has now a number of NSLayoutAnchor properties that can be used to create constraints (NSLayoutCostraint): Creating a constraint does not mean it will be active by default and you´ve got do it explicitly: var c = origin.