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Xamarin Forms – Push Notification no App Center

4 hours ago | Mahmoud Ali

Se você já precisou implementar push notification no seu aplicativo móvel provavelmente como eu você acabou encontrando um monte de opções. Algumas pagas e cada uma com uma implementação diferente. O Visual Studio App Center da Microsoft veio para centralizar todo o ciclo de vida e desenvolvimento do seu app.… Continue lendo

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Xamarin.Forms XAML: Control Templates

18 hours ago | Marcos Cobeña Morián

ControlTemplates.xaml Photo by pine watt on Unsplash As it uses to happen, I learned what Control Templates were during a big refactoring involving styles. When you're going through the screens designed, don't you realize there's a common pattern? If you do, try to group all those things shared into Control Templates, because will frame your pages letting such concentrate just in the inner content.

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Design-Time Binding Contexts in Xamarin.Forms Using MFractor

yesterday | MFractor

Learn how MFractor resolves binding contexts and view models at design time to power code analysis, code actions and XAML IntelliSense features for Xamarin.Forms. Introduction When working with XAML in Xamarin.Forms, we use data-binding to connect properties on a binding context (such as a ViewModel) to controls in a page or a view. This powerful feature lets changes in the view automatically change the view model and vice-versa.

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Siri Shortcuts with Xamarin

2 days ago | Daniel Hindrikes

With iOS 12, Apple introduced Siri shortcuts. For us developers, we can create shortcuts using SiriKit. In this blog post, we will walk through how to do that in an app that we are building with Xamarin.iOS. The first step is to update our provisioning profile. Sign in to Go to the account page […]

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Complex Animations in Xamarin.Forms using Finite State Machine

2 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

This guest post was contributed by Slava Chernikoff, a Principal Engineer at Binwell. Microsoft MVP and Xamarin Certified experienced mobile cross-platform and native developer. Also, a previously honored Nokia Champion and Qt Certified Developer. Introduction If you have been a student of a technical specialty, you will surely remember the course devoted to the Finite […] The post Complex Animations in Xamarin.

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Xamarin iOS App Settings

2 days ago | Peter Foot

When we talk about app settings we could mean a few different things. The actual settings values which are stored by your app, an in-app method to view/edit those settings or the iOS Settings UI which exposes both system and application settings to the user in the centralised place. In this article we’ll look at … Continue reading Xamarin iOS App Settings →

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Understanding Converters in Xamarin Forms

2 days ago | Charlin Agramonte

In a previous article we talked about Triggers, in which basically we were using it for use cases when we wanted to change a control value based on a property value in the model. So instead of writing the code in our model, we do in our XAML. Converters use a similar concept, just instead […] The post Understanding Converters in Xamarin Forms appeared first on XamGirl.

ListView Agrupada – Xamarin.Forms

3 days ago | Juliano Custódio

Neste artigo irei demonstrar como criar uma ListView agrupada em suas aplicações Xamarin.Forms. Para este exemplo, irei utilizar o cenário que a nossa ListView irá listar tipos de transporte e será separado por categorias.   Comece criando a classe Transporte, contendo as propriedades “Nome” e “Descricao”.   Em seguida, crie a classe Categoria, contendo as … Continue lendo ListView Agrupada – Xamarin.

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Enviando mensajes de WhatsApp con Xamarin y Twilio

3 days ago | Luis Beltran

¡Hola! En esta entrada del blog traigo un tema muy interesante que me han preguntado en muchas ocasiones: ¿Es posible integrar el envío de mensajes de WhatsApp a mi aplicación móvil desarrollada con Xamarin?...

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[Xamarin.Forms] Utilizando TitleView

3 days ago | Javier Suarez

Introducción Necesitar personalizar la barra superior de la aplicación añadiendo un logo, o un texto personalizado (utilizando una fuente específica, múltiples líneas, etc.) es bastante habitual. Hasta ahora, en Xamarin.Forms era algo posible pero…utilizando un Custom Renderer. Es un punto positivo de Xamarin.Forms, poder crear un Custom Renderer para acceder a características y elementos es

Gone Mobile 78: Building a Software Business with Matthew Robbins

3 days ago

Building a business around software is hard work, and often it's hard to come across detailed advice from those who have dared to give it a shot. In this episode we're joined by Matthew Robbins, founder of MFractor, to talk about his experiences building a company around developer tooling, and what he's learned along the way. If you're curious to peek behind the curtain of building MFractor, this is the episode for you! Special Guest: Matthew Robbins.

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XAML in Xamarin.Forms 基礎篇 中文版電子書 (搶鮮版)

3 days ago | Vulcan Lee

XAML in Xamarin.Forms 基礎篇 中文版電子書 (預計10月底將會推出 搶鮮版本 內容完成 85% 以上)購買請洽這本書能提供什麼這本書中將會提供超過40個以上的講解範例專案,讓您透過這些真實的實際專案,學會如何使用 XAML 宣告式標記語言的用法。欲購買本書讀者請特別注意,本書 各種不同檢視 章節 尚未全部完成內容書中內容將會規畫成為 7 大部分開發前的安裝、設定準備工作對於絕大部分的 Xamarin.Forms 開發新手,第一個學習卡關的地方將會是如何安裝與設定一個可以進行 Xamarin.Forms 的開發環境;在這個部分將會詳細說明如何安裝與設定 Visual Studio 2017 ,使其可以正常與順利的進行 Xamarin.Forms 的專案開發工作,並且也會介紹一個學習 XAML 宣告式標記語言的工具,LiveXAML,對於如何安裝與使用進行說明。基本概念這個部分將會介紹您學習 XAML 語言必須要先瞭解的各種基本知識與觀念,讓您初步綜覽與了解在學習 XAML 語言比須具備的基本技能。XAML 共用屬性我們將會從 XAML 提供的各種類別與其階層關係進行說明,這些類別將會被您所使用的各種頁面、版面配置、檢視項目所繼承,因此,當然您可以從這些頁面、版面配置、檢視項目中,使用這些基底類別所提供的各種屬性、方法與事件。這些共用的基底類別包含了: 可綁定物件 BindableObject,項目 Element,視覺項目 VisualElement,頁面 Page,檢視 View,版面配置 Layout各種不同頁面頁面是在 Xamarin.


3 days ago

This week we take a look at web requests! REST APIs, GraphQL, OData, SOAP, and so much more! Follow Us Frank: Twitter, Blog, GitHub James: Twitter, Blog, GitHub Merge Conflict: Twitter, Facebook, Website Music : Amethyst Seer - Citrine by Adventureface ⭐⭐ Review Us ( ⭐⭐ SUPPORT US ON PATREON:

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Xamarin Android and DataWedge scanning process

3 days ago | Alessandro Caliaro

Hi guys, how are you? I have already written some pages about scanning barcodes. Every day I work with devices that have to scan barcodes. To add this functionality to my softwares I have always used native APIs because them give the best control to barcode scanner. Another solution is to use DataWedge,  DataWedge enables all apps … Leggi tutto Xamarin Android and DataWedge scanning pro

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A partnership of top developers: meet Nico Milcoff

3 days ago | Xablu

We recently started working with the very talented Xamarin developer Nico Milcoff. He's not only a Microsoft MVP and lead maintainer of the open source MvvmCross project, he also finds time to lead his own team of developers at DGenix, headquarted in Rosario, Argentina. We first met Nico just over a year ago when he was a guest speaker at ... Read More The post A partnership of top developers: meet Nico Milcoff appeared first on XABLU.

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Protect your Xamarin.Android Apps at Runtime with Dotfuscator

5 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

This is a guest blog by Bill Leach. Bill is CTO and co-founder of PreEmptive Solutions, makers of Dotfuscator and DashO application protection tools. Protecting Your Xamarin.Android Apps In a previous blog we discussed obfuscating your Xamarin application with Dotfuscator Community to protect it from reverse-engineering. That kind of protection is an important and necessary […] The post Protect your Xamarin.

New Xamarin.Android Editor + Designer Features

6 days ago | James Montemagno

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Jérémie Laval, developer on the Xamarin.Android team, who shows us all of the new and fancy features of the Xamarin.Android designer and editor.  This includes a brand new property panel, support for custom fonts, new split screen mode, better intellisense, and a lot more!Blog: What's New in the Xamarin.Android DesignerBlog: Using the Xamarin.

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Android NDK installieren

7 days ago | Sebastian Jensen

Manchmal möchte meine Android-App auch als Release-Build testen, um sicherzustellen, dass die App später auch definitiv lauffähig ist. Als ich jedoch bei meinem Projekt von Debug auf Release umstellt habe, wurde der Build-Prozess mit einem Build-Fehler beendet und die App wurde auf dem Emulator oder dem Device nicht gestartet. In diesem Beitrag möchte ich nun kurz aufzeigen, wie man das fehlende Android NDK installieren und konfigurieren kann.

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Consumiendo servicios en localhost desde Xamarin

7 days ago | Jesús Angulo

Cuando trabajamos con aplicaciones moviles en xamarin probablemente nos encontremos con escenarios donde tengamos la necesidad de trabajar tanto en los servicios que van a proveer de datos a nuestra aplicación como en la aplicación misma. En etos casos es muy útil poder utilizar nuestros servicios, que tenemos levantados en

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Xamarin.Forms XAML: Colors

8 days ago | Marcos Cobeña Morián

Colors.xaml Every color's placed here: it's super convenient to have all together, it helps us identify repeated ones, for instance. We try to keep them order alphabetically, although it's not a must: simply helps some of us to quickly locate them —in C# we have a drop-down menu just on top of the editor to navigate between members, but currently, VS for Mac at least, doesn't have any similar. Conventions: Key: {Identifier}Color for Color or {Identifier}ColorString for string Value: lowercase hex format (you can opt for uppercase, but choosing one will keep consistency) RGB most of the times, although ARGB works pretty well in scenarios where backgrounds are semitransparent, or gradients too ```xaml <Color x:Key="AccentColor">#50e3c2</Color> <x:String x:Key="AccentColorString">#50e3c2</x:String> <Color x:Key="DefaultTextColor">#abb3c8</Color> <Color x:Key="SecondaryTextColor">#868ea4</Color> <Color x:Key="WhiteColor">#ffffff</Color> ``` You've probably asked your-self why WhiteColor's defined when there's already White in Xamarin.

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Event-Tipp: Expert Day for Xamarin 2018

9 days ago | Sebastian Jensen

Bereits zum wiederholten Male findet am 19. Oktober der Expert Day for Xamarin bei Microsoft in Köln statt. Ich war bereits im letzten Jahr dabei und werde mich auch dieses Mal wieder auf den Weg machen, um gemeinsam mit der Community über die Neuigkeiten bei der Xamarin-Entwicklung zu erfahren und natürlich auch um mich mit der Community auszutauschen. Der folgende Screenshot zeigt die Speaker, welche in zwei parallel verlaufenden Sessions Neuigkeiten über die Xamarin-Entwicklung mitteilen oder auch einen Blick über den Tellerrand geben werden, wie zum Beispiel durch einen Überblick von Flutter.

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Creating a parallax carousel in Xamarin.Forms

9 days ago | Steven Thewissen

A while ago I wrote a small tutorial on creating a simple carousel for your Xamarin.Forms app. That post also showed off a cool parallax effect on a carousel. I’ve always wanted to come back to that effect, let’s get this show on the road! What we will be creating Let’s first take a look … Continue reading "Creating a parallax carousel in Xamarin.Forms" The post Creating a parallax carousel in Xamarin.

118: Undo Architectures

10 days ago

We answer important questions such as if you should update to macOS Mojave this week and how to handle system updates in general. Our main topic this week is "Micro Frameworks/Libraries" and re-usable code across all of your projects. Should you architect your code for max re-use or should you just shove it into you project and ship code! Follow Us Frank: Twitter, Blog, GitHub James: Twitter, Blog, GitHub Merge Conflict: Twitter, Facebook, Website Music : Amethyst Seer - Citrine by Adventureface ⭐⭐ Review Us (https://itunes.

Token – Xamarin.Forms

10 days ago | Juliano Custódio

Neste artigo irei demonstrar como você pode criar um gerador de Token em suas aplicações Xamarin.Forms.   ADICIONANDO O NUGET PACKAGE Clique com o botão direito em cima de sua Solution e selecione “Manage NuGet Packages for Solution…”.   Digite “OtpSharp.Core” e selecione o plugin como demonstrado na imagem a seguir.   Selecione todos os … Continue lendo Token – Xamarin.

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Actividades Octubre 2018 - Git, DevOps, Xamarin y App Center

12 days ago | Esteban Solano

A continuacion los próximos eventos que estaré organizando y participando en Octubre, 2018. ¡Cordialmente invitados/as! 06 de Octubre, 2018 - DevOps + Apps móviles multi-plataforma (Visual Studio App Center)Muchas gracias a Crux Consultores por la cordial invitación al evento Technocrux @ Hotel Sheraton (Escazú, Costa Rica) y por abrir espacio para mi charla de DevOps y Apps Móviles! Por acá los links a la demo, slides y material disponible en línea: Diapositivas de la presentación: Demo + AppPor acá el link a la aplicacion de Xamarin integrada a Mobile Center: Link Proximas actividadesMeetups AI for Developers: Servicios Cognitivos : 17-Oct.

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Summary of NET Conf 2018 – What’s New in Xamarin Forms Part 2

13 days ago | Devlin Duldulao

This is the part 2 of my What’s New in Xamarin Forms that I saw from .NET Conft 2018 where I’m listing down the added features in the Xamarin Tooling. If you haven’t read the part one of my blog, go check it our hereView post. So, without further ado, here are the rest of […]

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Xamarin.Forms XAML

13 days ago | Marcos Cobeña Morián

In the same way we continuously refactor our C# code we should trait XAML one equally. As we layout screens there uses to be pieces which can be reused here and there. After some years working with Xamarin.Forms —plus some more with WPF and co.— I've learnt from others, and my own experience, how to scaffold good XAML which maintains its good shape as time goes by. Split into chapters, I'll try to cover everything expressed in XAML: "StyleCop" for XAML and App structure (this one) Colors Control Templates Converters Font Styles Global Styles Sizes Styles "StyleCop" for XAML Nowdays, I don't know anything which checks styling in XAML files —haven't spent much time looking for to be honest.

Conversational UI for Bots

13 days ago | James Montemagno

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Sam Basu from Progress who gives us a full run down of conversational UI for bots leveraging Telerik UI for Xamarin. Sam walks us through what a bot is, how to create one, and how developers can be productive leveraging Telerik's new controls for building out conversations.Show Notes:Conversational UI from TelerikAzure Bot ServiceFind James on: Twitter, GitHub, Blog, and his weekly development podcast Merge Conflict.

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Próximos webinars sobre Xamarin y otras tecnologías

14 days ago | Luis Beltran

¡Hola! Después de un largo (muy largo) hiatus por motivos personales (bueno también por viajes, la muy próxima finalización de mis estudios y unos proyectos laborales) les comento que ya ando de regreso en...

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Upgrade Your App with Sentiment Analysis

14 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

Understanding the sentiment of an email or text message can be difficult. Someone may send a message, intending for it to be encouraging, but it may be accidentally interpreted as mean or condescending. Luckily, Microsoft’s Text Analytics Service can help avoid any confusion. Text Analytics Service Microsoft’s Cognitive Services team have created the Sentiment Analysis […] The post Upgrade Your App with Sentiment Analysis appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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Focac-Book in Xamarin - Parte 15: Ehmm….. Ma io chi sono ?? Semplice: Chiedilo a /.auth/me !!!

14 days ago | Giampaolo Tucci

La domanda può sembrare banale, ma come si fanno ad ottenere delle informazioni sull’utente (ad esempio lo userid) che si è appena autenticato usando l’IdP ? La procedura è completamente eseguita per mezzo di chiamate all’SDK del client Azure o anche dell’SDK dell’IdP, e in nessun punto vi è la possibilità di accedere allo userid inserito dall’utente. Solo usando la client-flow si ha in mano il token rilasciato dall'IdP, che eventualmente può essere utilizzato, sempre con l’ausilio dell’SDK fornito, per prelevare ulteriori informazioni sull’utente.

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Mobile Developer Events in October

16 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

.NET Conf Local Events Watch all the live sessions from .NET Conf right on Channel 9! With a wide selection of content by feature speakers from the community and .NET product teams, take this opportunity to learn, teach, and get inspired for your next project. .NET Conf events are still happening all over the globe […] The post Mobile Developer Events in October appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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Como foi o .NET Conf 2018 – Edição São Paulo

17 days ago | Mahmoud Ali

Tínhamos anunciado aqui no blog que, pelo terceiro ano consecutivo, teríamos uma edição da .NET Conf na Lambda3, com palestrantes locais e tudo em português. A edição rolou no dia 22 de Setembro e contou com vários temas do mundo do .NET, veja como foi.… Continue lendo

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[Material] Analizando interfaces de usuario avanzadas con Xamarin.Forms

17 days ago | Javier Suarez

El evento El pasado 26 de Septiembre, teníamos en SVQXDG un divertido evento donde abriendo debate e intercambiando ideas algunos de los ejemplos revisamos opciones disponibles para conseguir interfaces atractivas con Xamarin.Forms. Vimos opciones como efectos, Custom Renderers, SkiaSharp, VisualStateManager, etc. El material A continuación puedes encontrar la presentación utilizada en el evento:

117: Getting to the Metal of Metal

17 days ago

We head down the deep dark rabbit hole of developing against the Metal APIs found in iOS including performance shaders and raytracing! We also talk about the new iPhone XS as it has finally arrived at the Montemagno house! Follow Us Frank: Twitter, Blog, GitHub James: Twitter, Blog, GitHub Merge Conflict: Twitter, Facebook, Website Music : Amethyst Seer - Citrine by Adventureface ⭐⭐ Review Us (https://itunes.

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Visual Studio 2017 para Web e Mobile (Xamarin) – Setup definitivo

17 days ago | Jefferson Balivo

Iniciante ou experiente, é bem provável que, em algum momento, o SETUP do Visual Studio 2017 para trabalhar com desenvolvimento Web e Mobile geram dúvidas e, muitas vezes, dores de cabeça… MAS o seu problema[...] O post Visual Studio 2017 para Web e Mobile (Xamarin) – Setup definitivo apareceu primeiro em Jefferson Balivo.

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Lambda3 Podcast 110 – .NET Conf 2018

19 days ago | Mahmoud Ali

Nesse episódio discutimos tudo sobre a .NET Conf 2018! Feed do podcast: Feed do podcast somente com episódios técnicos: Feed do podcast somente com episódios não técnicos: Pauta: Performance SignalR GA .NET Core 2.2 Preview 2 ASP.NET Core 2.2 Preview 2 EF Core 2.2 Novidades no .NET Core 3 Novidades no Blazor C# 8 Xamarin – Android Mono no Windows Emulador Android no Windows Xamarin Android Light F100 Xamarin Forms – 3.

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StackLayout with rounded corners [Quick Xamarin Tip]

20 days ago | Vicente Guzman

Cuando nos encontramos desarrollando nuestra aplicación podemos percatarnos que al diseñador le nació por implementar botones o imagenes con esquinas redondeadas, esto para que se vea mas “bonita” y bueno, por ello a continuación les quiero compartir un pequeño tip de como poder realizar esto en Xamarin.Forms. La solución sencilla es hacer uso de un … Sigue leyendo StackLayout wi

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Curso presencial/online gratuito de introducción a Xamarin.Forms

20 days ago | Elbrinner da Silva Fernandes

KeepCoding, Bravent IT y el Meetup Xamarin Madrid se unen para presentaros el primer curso presencial gratuito de introducción a Xamarin.Forms. Para culminar la semana Mobile en Keepcoding, el sábado 20 de octubre de 9:00 a 14:00, acércate a sus aulas y conoce los primeros pasos a seguir para comenzar a programar aplicaciones nativas multiplataforma para iOS y Android con Xamarin Forms.

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Xamarin.Forms Performance Reminder – Fast Renderers

20 days ago | Martin Zikmund

This post is first of a series of “reminders” that will help your Xamarin.Forms apps become as performant as possible. This time we will use Fast Renderers to squeeze additional performance from our apps when running on Android. What are Fast Renderers? Xamarin.Forms controls are displayed in native view using Renderers. Absolute most of the

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Focac-Book in Xamarin - Parte 14: Client-flow social authentication con Facebook - Il codice

21 days ago | Giampaolo Tucci

In questa parte della serie dirò qualcosa sul codice utilizzato per eseguire l'autenticazione client-flow (vedere linkografia): ovviamente affinchè tutto funzioni occorre aver seguito con religiosa cura i passi di configurazione esposti nelle puntate precedenti. Il codice esposto permette l'autenticazione presso l'IdP Facebook usando il relativo SDK nativo: Xamarin.Facebook.Android.