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XamarinBites 8

6 hours ago | Nigel Ferrissey

Using FFImageLoading with Gulam Ali Hakim Luis Matos asks if Xamarin is right for you Quick tips for Fancy Text with AskXammy Check out the XamarinDevelopers Reddithttps://www.

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使用 StackLayout 配合 BindableLayout.ItemTemplateSelector 建立一個動態資料樣板的呈現的效果

10 hours ago | Vulcan Lee

使用 StackLayout 配合 BindableLayout.ItemTemplateSelector 建立一個動態資料樣板的呈現的效果在 Xamarin.Forms 3.5 版本推出的時候,有一個相當好用的功能,那就是 BindableLayout ,有興趣的人可以參考 Xamarin.Forms 3.5: A Little Bindable Love 這篇文章,只要是版面配置繼承於 Layout ,都可以使用 BindableLayout 這個附加屬性 Attached Property,這包括了:AbsoluteLayuot, FlexLayout, Grid, RelativeLayout, StackLayout。在這篇文章中,將要來練習使用 StackLayout 這個版面配置,但是不會在 StackLayout 版面配置內指定這些仔檢視,而是透過 BindableLayout.

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Making Mobile Apps Accessible

17 hours ago | The Xamarin Show

This week, James is joined by friend of the show & Microsoft MVP Alexandre Costa who show us the importance of making mobile apps accessible. He talks through a non-accessible mobile app, the impact to your users, and how to easily add a few properties to make them accessible and how to test them.Show Links:Sample CodeDocumentation: Accessibility for Xamarin AppsDocumentation: Accessibility for Xamarin.

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Gruppierte Liste in einer Xamarin.Forms App

20 hours ago | Sebastian Jensen

Eine Business-Anwendung ohne ListView ist wohl keine Business-Anwendung. Daher ist es kaum verwunderlich, dass man ohne ListView in seiner App auskommt. Doch wenn man viele Einträge in der Liste hat, wird diese auch schnell unübersichtlich und daher möchte man seine Einträge gruppieren. In diesem Beitrag möchte ich nun aufzeigen, wie einfach ihr eine gruppierte Liste in eure Xamarin.Forms App integrieren könnt.

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使用 CollectionView 建立一個能以 GridView 呈現的效果

yesterday | Vulcan Lee

使用 CollectionView 建立一個能以 GridView 呈現的效果CollectionView 現階段還是在 Preview 階段,當 Xamarin.Forms 4.0 (現階段 Xamarin.Forms 的版本是 3.6) 正式推出的時候,將可以使用這個 CollectionView 檢視。這個檢視除了具有 ListView 的功能之外,它還可以使用 GridView 的模式來顯示出每筆資料,現在,就來實際建立這個專案來體驗設計過程吧。該文件的專案原始碼可以透過 GitHub 來取得建立一個 使使用 FlexLayout 專案開啟 Visual Studio 2019 程式當 Visual Studio 2019 開始 視窗 出現之後,請點選左下角的 [建立新專案] 選項當 [建立新專案] 對話窗出現之後,請在中間最上方的搜尋文字輸入盒中輸入 [prism] 關鍵字,搜尋所有與 Prism 有關的專案樣板請選擇 [Prism Blank App (Xamarin.

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Lambda3 promove meetup com as novidades do Visual Studio 2019

2 days ago | Mahmoud Ali

Em parceria com a Microsoft, a Lambda3 – empresa referência no setor tecnológico, com foco em soluções digitais – promoverá no próximo dia 27 de abril, das 9h às 17h, em sua sede, em São Paulo a apresentação do Visual Studio 2019, solução Microsoft que apresenta um leque com os melhores serviços e ferramentas do mercado, voltado para pessoas desenvolvedoras de aplicativos e plataformas.… Con

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Crossplatform Roadmap

2 days ago | Luis Matos

Crossplatfom Roadmap. This post is part of the Xamarin Roadmap that you can check if you didn't. It is good to remember that this guide ban be considered as a complement, it can not be taken as the final guide. There some things you need to know before to start this Croos platform roadmap as [...] La entrada Crossplatform Roadmap se publicó primero en Luis Matos.

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Xamarin.Forms - Custom Entry

2 days ago | Delpin Susai Raj

In this blog post, you will learn how to create a borderless entry with rounded corner in Xamarin.Forms.IntroductionXamarin.Forms code runs on multiple platforms - each of which has its own filesystem. This means that reading and writing files is most easily done using the native file APIs on each platform. Alternatively, embedded resources are a simpler solution to distribute data files with an app.

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Xamarin and the HttpClient For iOS, Android and Windows

2 days ago | Nick Randolph

In an earlier post that talked about using dependency injection and registering interfaces for working with Refit across both Prism and MvvmCross I had code that registered an instance of the CustomHttpMessageHandler class which internally used a HttpClientHandler for its InnerHandler. For developers who have spent a bit of time optimising their iOS, Android or Windows application, you’ll have noted that using the HttpClientHandler is generally not deemed to be best practice.

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解決要建置 Xamarin.Forms 專案,發生 ResolveLibraryProjectImports 的問題

2 days ago | Vulcan Lee

解決要建置 Xamarin.Forms 專案,發生 ResolveLibraryProjectImports 的問題有時候當建立好一個 Xamarin.Forms 專案,撰寫了一些程式碼之後,準備要進行建置該專案的動作,此時,會得到這樣的錯誤訊息嚴重性 程式碼 說明 專案 檔案 行 隱藏項目狀態錯誤 "ResolveLibraryProjectImports" 工作發生未預期的失敗。System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load assembly 'XF2001, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken='. Perhaps it doesn't exist in the Mono for Android profile?檔案名稱: 'XF2001.

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Troubleshooting JetBrains Rider and Visual Studio 2019 Xamarin Development

2 days ago | Andrew Hoefling

New machine and new project means getting to test drive a new way of development Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms applications. I have a clean Surface Book 2 running Windows 10 that I installed the latest and greatest version of Visual Studio 2019 and JetBrains Rider 2018.3.4. After configuring my emulators and everything in Visual Studio, I load up JetBrains Rider and nothing seems to work correctly. Wh

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Customer Showcase: Aggreko

2 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

We are excited to announce a new inclusion to our Xamarin Showcase gallery: The Aggreko Technician App A key objective of Aggreko’s company-wide Aggreko18 digital transformation program was to streamline field operations and revolutionize their technician processes. Technologies Used The Aggreko Technician App was developed to give technicians access to a multitude of asset user manuals, The post Customer Showcase: Aggreko appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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BindableLayout: Ersatz für die RepeaterView

2 days ago | Sebastian Jensen

Im vergangenen Jahr habe ich in mehreren Artikeln gezeigt, wie man sich eine RepeaterView schreiben kann. Das Ziel war es ein Control zu haben, welches eine ItemsSource entgegen nimmt und diese dann rendert. Dies ist zum Beispiel dann sinnvoll, wenn man auf die zusätzlichen Features einer ListView verzichten kann. Mit Xamarin.Forms 3.5 ist nun ein neues Feature verfügbar, welches auf den Namen BindableLayout hört.

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Geocoding (Xamarin.Essentials API of the Week)

2 days ago | The Xamarin Show

Xamarin.Essentials provides developers with cross-platform APIs for their mobile applications. On this week's Xamarin.Essential API of the week we take a look at Geocoding, which enables you to geocode a placemark(address) to a positional coordinate or reverse geocode coordinates to a placemark!Show Notes:Xamarin.Essentials DocumentationXamarin.Essentials Getting Started DocumentationGeocoding DocumentationSource CodeFind James on: Twitter, GitHub, Blog, and his weekly development podcast Merge Conflict.

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使用 FlexLayout 配合 BindableLayout 建立一個動態產生與自動配置的效果

3 days ago | Vulcan Lee

使用 FlexLayout 配合 BindableLayout 建立一個動態產生與自動配置的效果在這裡,將要使用 Visual Studio 2019 建立一個 Xamarin.Forms 的專案,並且使用 FlexLayout 彈性版面配置 這個檢視來做出一個可以動態成長的布局設計;在這裡將會一開始顯示三個區塊,這三個區塊將會顯示在同一個 Row,接下來將會顯示一個文字,該文字將會獨佔一個 Row,在下一個 Row 將會顯示出一個比較大的區塊而且也是獨占一個 Row,最後,將會產生出 31 個區塊,用來模擬可以做到動態的產生出不同數量的區塊檢視,但是一樣可以顯示在螢幕上的效果,而最後的執行效果將會如下圖所示,左下圖為一開始執行的畫面,而右下圖為向上捲動後的結果,此時底下是還有很多的區塊尚未顯示出來的。 該文件的專案原始碼可以透過 GitHub 來取得建立一個 使使用 FlexLayout 專案開啟 Visual Studio 2019 程式當 Visual Studio 2019 開始 視窗 出現之後,請點選左下角的 [建立新專案] 選項當 [建立新專案] 對話窗出現之後,請在中間最上方的搜尋文字輸入盒中輸入 [prism] 關鍵字,搜尋所有與 Prism 有關的專案樣板請選擇 [Prism Blank App (Xamarin.

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Xamarin Forms 4.0 Challenge Submissions

3 days ago | Ryan Davis

Over the last month or two, Xamarin has run two challenges involving completing small tasks with upcoming Xamarin.Forms 4 features - the Visual Challenge and the CollectionView Challenge. As a relatively staunch "Xamarin Native" developer that finds himself using progressively more Forms Embedding as time passes, I thought these would be good opportunities to check out the new features and catch up on Forms progress.

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Shrinking Your Android App Size

3 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

Mobile devices are limited in many ways. Whether it’s how much of a charge your battery can hold, the amount of storage you have left, or the speed of your internet connection to view more cat gifs. We need to keep this into consideration for our users to give them the absolute best mobile experience. The post Shrinking Your Android App Size appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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146: Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control, and HttpClientFactory

4 days ago | Merge Conflict

You read it right! James is going all in on DI and IoC... or is he? We chat about the pros, cons, and reasons why James hasn't gone all in for many years and why he has started to change his mind using the new Microsoft.Extensions.Host library! Follow Us Frank: Twitter, Blog, GitHub James: Twitter, Blog, GitHub Merge Conflict: Twitter, Facebook, Website, Chat on Discord Music : Amethyst Seer - Citrine by Adventureface ⭐⭐ Review Us (https://itunes.

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Easy real-time, event-driven and serverless with Azure

4 days ago | Michael Ridland

One of the most exciting parts of modern cloud platforms is serverless and the event driven architectures you can build with it. The reason that it’s so exciting is because it’s a double win, not only does it give you all the advantages of the cloud like easy elastic scale, isolation, easy deployment, low management […] The post Easy real-time, event-driven and serverless with Azure appeared first on Michael Ridland.

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Xamarin.Forms 之 XAML 設計預覽的設計時期資料

4 days ago | Vulcan Lee

Xamarin.Forms 之 XAML 設計預覽的設計時期資料在前一篇文章 Xamarin.Forms 之 XAML 設計預覽 有說明,如何在 Visual Studio 2019 下,使用頁面預覽的功能,以便在進行 XAML 語言設計過程中,可以即時看到這些設計後的執行結果。現在遇到一個問題,那就是通常在進行 XAML 設計的時候,都會使用 資料綁定 Data Binding 手法,與該頁面的 ViewModel 進行綁定再一起,可是,當使用這樣的設計方式的時候,又想要使用設計時期預覽功能,就會發現到有許多內容,還是需要在執行時期的時候,才能夠看到該頁面的執行結果。為了解決這樣的問題,需要使用所謂的 [設計時期資料] 這樣的機制,需要使用 Xamarin.Forms 提供的新功能,首先,需要在 ContentPage 內加入底下的命名空間宣告,有了這些宣告,才能夠在 XAML 中使用設計時期資料的功能。xmlns:d="http://xamarin.

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Quick tips to decorate texts in Xamarin Forms

4 days ago | Leomaris Reyes

It has happened to all of us that we have to develop some pages full of texts without any feature else and as we know a lot of text together can overwhelm the user. That’s why in this post we will be learning to create it as friendly as possible to make our app’s user experience better. In this time we will…Continue Reading→

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Xamarin Mobile Apps

5 days ago | Suthahar Jegatheesan

Artificial Intelligence continues to gain more traction, now that companies such as Google, Microsoft and others, have released a suite of easy to use tools. It now enables us to create smarter apps, and open up a new range of applications. Xamarin doesn’t have any AI or Machine Learning capabilities itself, but does play a part in gathering data and displaying information from AI systemsJoin With us in #Global Azure Bootcamp on April 27, 2019.

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Autenticação biométrica – Xamarin.Forms

6 days ago | Juliano Custódio

Olá, neste artigo irei demonstrar como implementar autenticação biométrica em suas aplicações Xamarin.Forms.   ADICIONANDO O NUGET PACKAGE Para o exemplo será utilizado o plugin Fingerprint, instale o plugin em todos os seus projetos.   Android Em seu projeto .Android, instale o Plugin CurrentActivity.   MainActivity.cs No arquivo MainActivity, atribua a Activity para SetCurrentActivityResolver e … Continue lendo Autenticação biométrica – Xamarin.

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Xamarin.Forms 4.0 CollectionView Challenge 

6 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

During March, many of you made submissions to our Visual Challenge. Your feedback has been extremely valuable and you all put together some impressive samples! As a follow up in this series, we now have a CollectionView Challenge that focuses on the upcoming CollectionView in Xamarin.Forms 4.0. The post Xamarin.Forms 4.0 CollectionView Challenge  appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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Deutschlands Kennzeichen: Meine erste iOS-App

6 days ago | Sebastian Jensen

Der eine oder andere hat sie vielleicht bereits entdeckt, meine erste eigene iOS App im Apple App Store: Deutschlands Kennzeichen. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Portierung meiner UWP-Version der Kennzeichen-App. Als Framework habe ich hierbei Xamarin.Forms verwendet, so dass ebenfalls eine Android-Version zur Verfügung steht. Gerade wenn man viel auf deutschen Autobahnen unterwegs ist, entdeckt man manchmal Kennzeichen, welche man direkt einer Stadt oder einem Kreis zuordnen kann.

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Introduction to ARKit (Video)

7 days ago | Ryan Davis

At the Melbourne Xamarin Meetup April 2019 Meetup, I gave a third (!) rendition of my talk from last year on ARKit - Apple's Augmented Reality (AR) - framework for mobile. You can see more about the original talk on my earlier post. This time the meetup was streamed on Twitch, potentially signalling my transition from chatroom memer to full-time streamer (but probably not). It is also now published on YouTube, so you can watch it back at your leisure (~1h): Again, I added a new demo to the the Earthbound-themed demo app to keep it fresh.

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App Center Diagnostic Updates & Integrations

7 days ago | The Xamarin Show

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Amanda Chew, App Center Program Manager, shows us the latest features in App Center diagnostics for mobile applications including filtering, searching, errors vs crashes, attaching logs and events, and a lot more! She also shows us how to setup webhooks to notify chat applications when there is a new crash or open an issue on GitHub or Azure DevOps automatically.

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The New & Improved Xamarin Developers YouTube Channel!

7 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

We are so excited to re-launch our Xamarin Developers YouTube channel! Here you will find fresh content on building amazing mobile apps directly from the Xamarin team here at Microsoft. To kick things off we have teamed up with our spectacular community. The post The New & Improved Xamarin Developers YouTube Channel! appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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Xamarin.Forms 之 XAML 設計預覽

8 days ago | Vulcan Lee

當 Visual Studio 2019 推出之後,我個人覺得最為振奮的一個新功能就是,Xamarin.Froms 的頁面預覽功能,也就是說,當在進行 Xamarin.Forms 的頁面內容設計的時候,只要在 XAML 上進行各種修正或者增刪動作的時候,可以即時看到這個頁面的實際執行時期的效果。現在,使用 Prism Template Pack 專案樣板來建立一個專案(在這個時間點,所使用的 Prism Template Pack 擴充功能版本為 2.1.6 ),並且打開 MainPage.xaml 這個檔案,在 MainPage.xaml 視窗的右上方,可以參考下圖,會有兩個按鈕圖示,可以用於切換該頁面要顯示 XAML 設計語言或者是預覽實際執行結果。因此,想要進行預覽頁面的時候,請點選 [設計] 圖示,而想要查看這個頁面的 XAML 語言的時候,可以點選 [來源] 圖示;不過,當在進行設計頁面的時候,需要這樣反覆的切換,似乎也顯得不太方便,因此,個人通常會使用該視窗右下角的 [垂直分割] 這個功能,將這個 XAML 語言與預覽部分,同時顯示在螢幕上。可是,現在看到在預覽子視窗中看到底下的錯誤訊息,並且是無法預覽到這個頁面的執行結果畫面。Xamarin.

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自動轉換生成 iOS 與 Android 使用的各種不同尺寸之應用程式 Icon

8 days ago | Vulcan Lee

自動轉換生成 iOS 與 Android 使用的各種不同尺寸之應用程式 Icon當使用 Prism Template Pack 專案樣板產生一個 Xamarin.Forms 專案後,並且開發完成相關需求程式碼,此時,將會發現到,不論 iOS 或者 Android 平台下的該應用程式圖示,並不是程式設計師所想要到,那麼,要怎麼進行設定與變更了。不論在 iOS 或者 Android 平台下,對於應用程式圖示 Application Icon,需要提供不同縮放比例大小的圖片檔案,而且,在不同平台下,對於這些圖片資源檔案的命名規則也都不盡相同,在 iOS 平台下,每個圖片都會放置在 Resource 的目錄下,並且每個圖片都可以有三種尺寸,正常大小、放大兩倍與放大三倍,不同放大倍率的圖片,則需要該圖片檔案的檔名(在 .副檔案名稱前)後,加入 @1x, @2x, @3x,另外,對於正常大小的 @1x 這個文字,是可以省略的。而對於 Android 平台下,不同放大倍率的圖片,其圖片檔案名稱都是相同的,不過,不同放大倍率的圖片,需要放置到 Resources 目錄下的不同目錄下,在 Android 平台下,共有這些放大倍率可以選擇:附加名稱DPI放大倍率mdpi1601×hdpi2401.

Gone Mobile 86: Building PepTown with Eric Sink

9 days ago

You may know Eric Sink from the database syncing product Zumero, or perhaps the source control versioning system SourceGear. Now, Eric is building a platform for High School sports fundraising, and he's doing it in .NET. Special Guest: Eric Sink.

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XamarinBites 7

10 days ago | Nigel Ferrissey

If you’ve found something that you think other Xamarin devs should see, get in touch! Customizing browser appearance in Xamarin Forms with AskXammy Want to develop Xamarin.Android apps on Linux? OK then… Barcodes in Xamarin.

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Update NuGet packages before start to write some code in a Xamarin.Forms app

10 days ago | Alessandro Caliaro

Hi guys. When you create a Xamarin Forms project, you can see that Xamarin.Android project has some Xamarin.Android NuGet packages that are not updated. I don’t know why the Xamarin.Forms template does not download the last version of default packages. By the way we could try to update all needed packages before start to write … Leggi tutto Update NuGet packages before start to write some code in a Xamarin.

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Getting Ready for macOS’s Hardened Runtime and Notary

10 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

With macOS Mojave, Apple introduced support for Hardened Runtime and Notary service. These two services are designed to improve application security on macOS. Recently Apple has stated: “Beginning in macOS 10.14.5, all new or updated kernel extensions and all software from developers new to distributing with Developer ID must be notarized in order to run. The post Getting Ready for macOS’s Hardened Runtime and Notary appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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Ultimate Image Caching for Xamarin.Forms

10 days ago | Jean-Marie Alfonsi

Abstract and Nuget The FFImageLoading.ImageSourceHandler was inspired by Jonathan Peppers GlideX implementation of the new IImageViewHandler interface for Xamarin.Forms ( Its goal is to provide the same kind of implementation for iOS, achieving a complete image caching solution for Xamarin.Forms: you don't have

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FSharp Roadmap Introduction

10 days ago | Luis Matos

FSharp  roadmap. This post is part of the Xamarin Roadmap that you can check if you didn't. It is good to remember that this guide is just an introduction to F#, it can not be taken as the final guide. To continue with Xamarin Roadmap it is necessary to understand the F# base, that is [...] La entrada FSharp Roadmap Introduction se publicó primero en Luis Matos.

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145: IoT Goes .NET Core

11 days ago | Merge Conflict

Let's enter the world of IoT with .NET! We take a quick stroll down memory lane, but blaze at lightning speed into the future of running .NET Core and the SDK directly on raspberry pi devices! The .NET team is hard at work enabling IoT scenarios and creating the "Xamarin.Essentials" for IoT connectors and devices with their first stop being GPIO. We don't stop there as we investigate where Windows 10 IoT Core fits into the .

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[Xamarin.Forms UI Challenge] TimelinePulse

11 days ago | Javier Suarez

Introducción Según evoluciona de Xamarin.Forms, llegan más y más opciones que simplifican la creación de diferentes elementos de la interfaz de usuario. En el estado actual de Xamarin.Forms se pueden conseguir aplicaciones nativas de gran escala, con interfaces cuidadas y con alta integración con la plataforma. Hay que tener en cuenta el conjunto de Custom … Sigue leyendo →

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Customizing browser appearance in Xamarin Forms

11 days ago | Leomaris Reyes

It’s too friendly when we see an Application with the perfect combination regarding Look & Feel. Some of these Apps needs to access to an external page, which forces us to use browsers that do not help us keep the color scheme used in our application.☹ But…What if I tell you that now you can change the appearance of your…Continue Reading→

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Novedades en Xamarin.Forms 3.6

13 days ago | Javier Suarez

Introducción Versión tras versión recibimos novedades en Xamarin.Forms. En la última versión estable (3.6) hemos recibimos múltiples novedades de peso (donde brilla con luz propia Visual). ¿Y si las repasamos todas?. Novedades A continuación, vamos a realizar un repaso de todas las principales novedades introducidas en esta versión. Visual A la hora de desarrollar aplicaciones … Sigue leyend

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[Material] Novedades en Xamarin.Forms 4: Shell, CollectionView y más!

13 days ago | Javier Suarez

El evento El pasado Jueves 11, celebramos un nuevo evento en SVQXDG (grupo de desarrolladores de Xamarin en Sevilla) donde repasamos todas las últimas novedades de Xamarin.Forms. El material A continación, vamos a repasar todo el material (presentación y ejemplos) que vimos en la presentación. Novedades de Xamarin.Forms 3.5 Comenzamos el evento viendo las últimas … Sigue leyendo →