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Presenting HttpTracer Library

12 hours ago | Daniel Causer

Hello devs! Today I would like to share with you a OSS lib that me and a couple of friends @DylanBerry and @ChaseFlorell have developed, its the HttpTracer lib. We oftentimes find our selves trying to figure out how to setup a proper way to see the requests and response information that our software exchange … Continue reading Presenting HttpTracer Library →

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Exceptions to Exceptions (Xamarin)

2 days ago | Marcos Cobeña Morián

A few weeks? ago I read Federico's post on how they're handling errors with Rust —moving from C to Rust in librsvg, one the Gnome core libraries. I liked the article by it-self, because analyzes from 0 different approaches and, in the end, points to another one on how Midori did the same —for those who like me didn't know what Midori was: a Microsoft Research project to vertically analyze how an OS could be rewritten in managed code.

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November 2018 Xamarin and Azure Office Hours Recap

2 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

I ❤️ every single developer. And I want to hear your stories. I want to hear about your successes, your “not-so-much” successes, and any questions or concerns you may have about our tooling. This way I can bring all of those back to the product teams to advocate for you. I’ll get the answers, inform […] The post November 2018 Xamarin and Azure Office Hours Recap appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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Unique Device & App Installation Identifiers for Mobile Apps

2 days ago | James Montemagno

Easily get a unique identifier for iOS, Android, and Windows apps and persist them with Xamarin.Essentials.

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Xamarin.Forms Controls: RepeaterView mit alternativen Zeilenfarbe

2 days ago | Sebastian Jensen

Ich habe bereits gezeigt, wie man sich ganz einfach eine RepeaterView erstellen kann. Nun möchte ich die bestehende Implementierung so erweitern, dass jede zweite Zeile eine andere Hintergrundfarbe hat. Dies hat den großen Vorteil, dass sich die Lesbarkeit der Daten deutlich erhöht und man einen größeren Kontrast zwischen den einzelnen Einträgen herstellen. Wir öffnen unsere Klasse RepeaterView.cs und fügen zwei neue BindableProperties hinzu.

Hello Microsoft Learn / Good Bye Xamarin University

2 days ago | Luis Matos

Microsoft Learn, the new Microsoft learning platform totally free for the community. Xamarin University will no longer be available after June 2019. That's right, as you hear it. Microsoft is betting on its new platform called Microsoft Learn where all the courses of the Xamarin University are incorporated and therefore all the courses and workshops [...] La entrada Hello Microsoft Learn / Good Bye Xamarin University se publicó primero en Luis Matos.

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Fixing AppCenter Android Build Error: /usr/bin/jarsigner failed with return code: 1

3 days ago | Pieter Nijs

Error: /usr/bin/jarsigner failed with return code: 1 This issue bugged me for an entire day. The real sad thing about it is, is that I faced this same issue some months ago… So after I set up my AppCenter Android... Continue Reading →

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[Preview] Primer vistazo a Xamarin.Forms CollectionView

5 days ago | Javier Suarez

Introducción Como parte de las novedades que llegan con Xamarin.Forms 4.0 se encuentra el nuevo control CollectionView. Xamarin.Forms CollectionView CollectionView llega con el objetivo de mejorar lo ofrecido por el control ListView hasta ahora: Facilitar más opciones como listados horizontales o Grids. Cubrir opciones muy solicitadas (vista para cuando no hay contenido, etc.). Mejorar rendimiento.

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[Preview] Primer vistazo a Xamarin.Forms Visual

5 days ago | Javier Suarez

Introducción A la hora de desarrollar aplicaciones multiplataforma, buscamos llegar a diferentes plataformas cada una de ellas con sus propias guías de estilo, controles e idiosincrasia. Sin embargo, en ocasiones como desarrolladores móviles buscamos conseguir el mismo aspecto. Con Xamarin.Forms, a pesar de contar con una capa de abstracción en la capa de UI permitiendo … Sigue leyendo ͛


5 days ago | Juliano Custódio

Neste artigo irei falar sobre o Xamarin.Essentials que recentemente foi lançada a sua versão estável (1.0). Se você já acompanha meu blog a algum tempo, já deve ter percebido que a maioria dos artigos que escrevo tem como foco soluções rápidas e simples utilizando o Xamarin.Forms. E quando falamos de rapidez e simplicidade em Xamarin.Forms, … Continue lendo Xamarin.Essentials

Gone Mobile 81: Shiny and New at Microsoft Connect 2018

5 days ago

We discuss and recap some of the more interesting highlights from Microsoft Connect 2018.

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Refresh Indicator for ListView Color in Xamarin.Forms

5 days ago | Gerald Versluis

For a project I am working on, I needed to change the color of the spinner which is shown when you pull to refresh on a ListView. To my big surprise, this isn’t available by default. So, I thought I would add it so other people could benefit as well. In this post, I will share ... Read moreRefresh Indicator for ListView Color in Xamarin.Forms The post Refresh Indicator for ListView Color in Xamarin.

127: Connect(); 2018 Recap - .NET Core 3, VS 2019, Xamarin.Forms 4, and More!

6 days ago

We break down every little bit of the Microsoft Connect(); 2018 event including Visual Studio 2019, .NET Core 3, Xamarin.Forms 4.0, C# 8, and a whole lot more. Follow Us Frank: Twitter, Blog, GitHub James: Twitter, Blog, GitHub Merge Conflict: Twitter, Facebook, Website Music : Amethyst Seer - Citrine by Adventureface ⭐⭐ Review Us (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/merge-conflict/id1133064277?mt=2&ls=1) ⭐⭐ SUPPORT US ON PATREON: patreon.

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No puedo compilar en IOS, me sale un martillo en lugar de los simuladores.

7 days ago | Elbrinner da Silva Fernandes

Hace un par de días me pasaran un código que no permitía compilar la aplicación en IOS, en lugar de mostrar el listado de los simuladores, se mostraba un martillo con el texto: Dispositivo genérico.

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Xamarin.Forms 4.0 Feature Preview: An Entirely New Point of (Collection)View

8 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

As part of the upcoming Xamarin.Forms 4.0 release, we are implementing the all new CollectionView control. The CollectionView is intended to be a successor to the ListView, improving upon its design by reducing technical complexity and allowing for more flexibility of layout and function. But we’re not stopping there! Along with this also comes the long-awaited CarouselView . […] The post Xamarin.

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Simple way to use icon fonts in Xamarin Forms projects

8 days ago | Trailhead Technology

Almost all apps use some kind of graphic icons to make the UI more attractive and easy to use. Here I will demonstrate a quickRead more

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Using Android Linkify to add inline links to a Xamarin Forms Label

8 days ago | Pieter Nijs

A loooong time ago (at least, this is what it feels like…), I created this custom Xamarin Forms control HyperlinkLabel (Blog post, GitHub repo) that can show one or multiple hyperlinks inline with other text. The links can be defined... Continue Reading →

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Error: resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed in Xamarin iOS app

8 days ago | Gerald Versluis

Just a quick write up for the error message in the title. I wanted to run my app on a physical device, but couldn’t, while on the Simulator it went fine. I Googled the error message and quickly came across a number of solutions. At first, I thought it might have to do with the ... Read moreError: resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed in Xamarin iOS app The post Error: resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed in Xamarin iOS app appeared first on Gerald Versluis.

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Episode 56: Let's Reboot This

9 days ago | The Xamarin Podcast

In this month's episode we reboot the podcast! Matt Soucoup, a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft joins James as host and we expand the topics to focus both on Xamarin mobile development and using Azure with your mobile apps. In this episode we recap the latest news in the Xamarin world including a marathon Twitch workshop, wondering Android build time improvements, the latest news in Xamarin.Forms, and recent announcements from Microsoft Connect();.

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[Material] Monkey Conf 2018

9 days ago | Javier Suarez

El evento En España tenemos una comunidad .NET activa y diversa. Gracias a ello tenemos eventos anuales de gran calidad relacionadas con Azure, SQL Server e incluso AI. Sin embargo, a pesar de contar con una enorme variedad de desarrolladores Xamarin realizando grandes cosas, nos faltaba un evento donde reunirnos todos. Para solventar este problema, … Sigue leyendo →

Shell, Visual and CollectionView: New features in Xamarin.Forms 4.0

10 days ago | Luis Matos

Shell, Visual y CollectionView are the new features highlighted in the new version of Xamarin.Forms. Once but the Xamarin team launches great new features with the new version of Xamarin.Forms 4.0. If you missed the new in its 3.4.0 version, you can see it here. It's good to clarify that these updates are just an advance [...] La entrada Shell, Visual and CollectionView: New features in Xamarin.

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Xamarin.Essentials.Interfaces released

10 days ago | Ryan Davis

Nestled amongst the impressive number of announcements related to Xamarin made during Microsoft Connect was the anticipated GA of Xamarin.Essentials. Since Essentials is no longer in preview, I've also moved my interfaces autogeneration experiment out of preview too, and outputs are being packaged up on NuGet for easy consumption. Xamarin.Essentials is designed to be no-bloat and doesn't ship with interfaces.

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The Future of Mobile Development: Xamarin.Forms 4.0 Preview

10 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

Yesterday at Microsoft Connect(); 2018 we announced our plans for Xamarin.Forms 4.0 and shared a public preview. Let’s now take a deeper look at the big changes, starting with Xamarin.Forms Shell, and then touch some of the other highlights. Through countless interviews, conversations, and surveys, we have heard your voice loud and clear. You want […] The post The Future of Mobile Development: Xamarin.

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Xamarin Tizen Networking: Under the covers of HTTP/2 in .NET

10 days ago | Damian Mehers

My current side/passion project requires the use of HTTP/2: It’s a .NET implementation of the Alexa Voice Service and I use it to drive Voice in a Can: Alexa for iOS, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Android Wear, and … Tizen. This isn’t an advert, but I do want to set the context. The Alexa Voice […]

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Cross-platform RTSP Mosaic views with LibVLCSharp

10 days ago | Martz

Cross-platform RTSP Mosaic views with LibVLCSharp VLC and the LibVLC library handle many different streaming formats and protocols to read media from any source. One of them is called Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). According to the VideoLAN Wiki: The RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) protocol is a client-server multimedia presentation control protocol, designed to address the needs for efficient delivery of streamed multimedia over IP networks.

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Xamarin.Forms Controls: RepeaterView

11 days ago | Sebastian Jensen

Manchmal kommt man in die Verlegenheit, dass man gerne zwei ListViews innerhalb einer ScrollView verwenden möchte, was jedoch gar keine gute Idee ist, denn so hat man mehrere verschachtelte ScrollViews auf einer Page, was zu unerwünschtem Verhalten führen kann. In diesem Fall kann es hilfreich sein ein einfaches Control zur Verfügung zu haben, welches eine Liste von Objekten entgegen nimmt und diese entsprechend eines Templates anzeigt.

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Connect(); 2018 Xamarin Announcements

11 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

Today, at Microsoft Connect(); 2018, we have several exciting announcements about brand new capabilities and foundational improvements in the Xamarin platform driven by your generous feedback.    Visual Studio developers everywhere will enjoy updated stable releases of Xamarin with Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2017 for Mac. We are also giving you the first hands-on preview of Visual Studio 2019, along […] The post Connect(); 2018 Xamarin Announcements appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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Capture Android Screen Video from Visual Studio

11 days ago | Peter Foot

While debugging your Xamarin Android app in Visual Studio you can capture a video of the device screen and upload it to your PC. To do this open the ADB command prompt from the Xamarin Android toolbar:- At the command prompt navigate to a folder where you want the video to end up. Type the … Continue reading Capture Android Screen Video from Visual Studio →

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Azure Blob Storage with Xamarin.Forms

12 days ago | Luis Beltran

This is the first post of a new series on Azure Storage & Xamarin. Besides, this entry is part of The Second Annual C# Advent, which is an initiative by Matthew D. Groves. Read other interesting publications...

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TableSection TextColor for Xamarin.Forms

12 days ago | Gerald Versluis

A new feature was merged into the Xamarin.Forms repository. This time: TextColor for the TableSection control. With this new feature, you can specify the color of the text that is used in a table section. A small feature, but each is one, right? 😉 In this post, we will look at how the implementation is ... Read moreTableSection TextColor for Xamarin.Forms The post TableSection TextColor for Xamarin.

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Paginator: a platform-independent infinite loading component

12 days ago | Jean-Marie Alfonsi

First a HorizontalListView request First, being an old sport, I was flattered that a young fellow calls me “mate”. Second he was right: this list couldn't paginate... So it was the perfect time for me to introduce a component I reused countless times in many of the projects I worked

126: Collaborative Coding Magic

13 days ago

Paired programming has helped us through the years to solve critical problems together. It is also great for learning new skills or teach it to others and the space for collaborative paired programming has exploded recently with the introduction of VS Live Share. We discuss the past, present, and future. Follow Us Frank: Twitter, Blog, GitHub James: Twitter, Blog, GitHub Merge Conflict: Twitter, Facebook, Website Music : Amethyst Seer - Citrine by Adventureface ⭐⭐ Review Us (https://itunes.

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Xamarin and .NET Developer Events in December

13 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

Here are just a few of the awesome community-run events scheduled this month. Get the full list of mobile developer engagements happening all over the world through our Community page. There you will also find new Meetups, links to Github and StackOverflow, as well as the .NET Twitter, Gitter, and Facebook pages. As always, we […] The post Xamarin and .NET Developer Events in December appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

TitleView – Xamarin.Forms

14 days ago | Juliano Custódio

Olá, neste post irei demonstrar como utilizar o NavigationPage.TitleView em suas aplicações Xamarin.Forms de uma maneira fácil e rápida. TitleView  Se você já é desenvolvedor Xamarin.Forms a algum tempo, pode ser que já tenha se deparado com a necessidade de customizar o título de navegação, seja para colocar uma imagem, botão ou até mesmo uma … Continue lendo TitleView – Xamarin.Forms

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Xamarin.Forms in Space!

15 days ago | Steven Thewissen

As you may have seen from reading other content on this blog I dabble in the world of cryptocurrency. To help me on my position sizing I figured I’d create a little calculator app. Obviously, if you know me, that has to look sexy. So I decided to go on a journey into space using … Continue reading "Xamarin.Forms in Space!" The post Xamarin.Forms in Space! appeared first on Thewissen.io.

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Monitoring Akka.NET with Datadog and Phobos: Tracing

15 days ago | Greg Shackles

In my previous post I started looking at how you can leverage Akka.NET's new Phobos product to start logging actor system metrics to Datadog. In this post I'm going to start taking that a little further by exploring the tracing functionality it offers as well. Similar to the metrics

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Introduction to ARKit

16 days ago | Ryan Davis

At the Queensland C# Mobile Developers meetup group's final meetup for 2018, I gave a talk on ARKit - Apple's Augmented Reality (AR) - framework for mobile, ARKit, and how you to use it with Xamarin.iOS apps, The presentation included: a high level overview of AR and how ARKit supports it a walkthrough of the framework and key classes an overview of how to perform several key ARKit tasks - world tracking, plane detection, image detection and face tracking, with demos a roundup of useful resources.

How to Create and Manage Your Own Android Emulators

16 days ago | James Montemagno

In this Xamarin Show we take a look at how the new simplified Android device manager works enabling you to create and edit new and existing Android emulator images.Show Links:Documentation: Android EmulatorsFind James on: Twitter, GitHub, Blog, and his weekly podcast Merge Conflict.Follow @JamesMontemagnoNever Miss an Episode: Follow @TheXamarinShowUseful Links:Xamarin Developer Center & BlogXamarin and AzureMobile DevOpsXamarin University Self-GuidedCreate a Free Account (Azure): https://aka.

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Anatomy of Code snippets in Visual Studio for Mac

17 days ago | Evgeny Zborovsky

Code snippet is a shortcut that can be used to generate a code from a specific template. Example of a built-in code snippet: Type cw and double press the Tab key will result in Console.Writeline(); Thats a pretty simple example, however we pressed only 4 keys instead of 19 (ignoring the autocompletion of IntelliSense). In more advanced cases … Continue reading Anatomy of Code snippets in Vis

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Multi-targeting with Android Support Library v28

17 days ago | The Xamarin Blog

Starting with Xamarin’s Android Support Library version 28, we are introducing multi-targeting. This includes assemblies for older support library versions when your application’s TargetFrameworkVersion is lower than the expected version. Multi-targeting Multi-targeting will allow you to install the Android Support Library to your project regardless of the set TargetFrameworkVersion. Then it will use the latest Android […] The post Multi-targeting with Android Support Library v28 appeared first on Xamarin Blog.

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Monitoring Akka.NET with Datadog and Phobos: Metrics

17 days ago | Greg Shackles

If you're here on my blog, you're probably well aware that I'm a fan of both Akka.NET and Datadog, and observability in general. In fact, I even blogged last year about creating my own Datadog sink for Akka.Monitoring (which is still available on NuGet and we still use

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UWP MaxLines and IsPassword bugs in Xamarin.Forms

17 days ago | Gerald Versluis

I have managed to get two PRs merged with Xamarin.Forms that squash two bugs for UWP when using Xamarin.Forms. In this post, I will give you a little insight in how the bugs could happen and how I managed to fix them. MaxLines bug First, let’s have a look at the MaxLines bug. This is ... Read moreUWP MaxLines and IsPassword bugs in Xamarin.Forms The post UWP MaxLines and IsPassword bugs in Xamarin.

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Updating your Prism.Forms App to Prism.Forms 7+

19 days ago | Joe Meyer

Well, it’s been a while since Brian Laguna’s and the Prism team released Prism 7 and I’m finally getting around to updating some of my old projects. Prism 7 comes with some neat new features, but also carries some API changes, so if your existing Xamarin.Forms application is on an older version and you want to … Continue reading Updating your Prism.Forms App to Prism.Forms&

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Tizen development on your Mac (Xamarin.Forms)

19 days ago | Gerald Versluis

For a pull request I opened on the Xamarin.Forms repository, I had implemented all supported platforms but one: Tizen. For some reason, I had tried to get Tizen up and running on a (virtual) Windows machine where I couldn’t get the emulator to work. One member of the Tizen team reminded me that you could ... Read moreTizen development on your Mac (Xamarin.Forms) The post Tizen development on your Mac (Xamarin.

125: Getting Fancy With Bluetooth Low Energy

20 days ago

Bluetooth is everywhere! What is Bluetooth Low Energy? Why does it matter for mobile devices and IoT devices and what can you do with it? We cover all of this and so much more! A true summary of this episode of Merge Conflict can only be best described by our fellow listener David: "So what I took from new podcast is that Frank is the Seattle's human version of the google street car driving (skateboarding) around capturing wifi (bluetooth) data.

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Introducing SwipeCardView 2.0

20 days ago | Marko Lazić

A year and a half ago I introduced SwipeCardView 1.0, a lightweight MVVM friendly user control that brings Tinder-style swipe card view into Xamarin.Forms applications. Since then, more than 1000 people downloaded the NuGet package, while the related blog post is no. 1 result on Google for “tinder xamarin”. This proves that people really need this kind of plugin, so I decided to introduce the version 2.

MessagingCenter – Xamarin.Forms

20 days ago | Juliano Custódio

Neste artigo irei demonstrar como você pode utilizar o MessagingCenter em suas aplicações Xamarin.Forms.   O que é o MESSAGINGCENTER ?  De uma forma bem simplista, o MessagingCenter é um serviço de mensagens, que permite você enviar e receber mensagens de diferentes partes da sua aplicação sem que essas partes se “conheçam”. Ele possui basicamente … Continue lendo MessagingCenter – Xamarin.

ASP.NET Core Identity with Cosmos DB (MongoDB) Part2: ASP.NET Core Code

22 days ago

Hello and welcome back to this tutorial if you remember in the part 1: "ASP.NET Core Identity with Cosmos DB (MongoDB) Part1: Database Configuration" we configured our database services local and remote to store our identity service now in this part we will configure a simple Identity service with 3 endpoints.RegisterLoginRetrieve User DataASP.NET CoreASP.NET Core is the evolution of Microsoft ASP.